Life Notes

I’m competitive.  I don’t like to lose.  And if you get your boot on my throat, I’m going to push up with so much force, it’ll blow you away or break my neck.  I’m reckless.  In football, if I blow a tackle, I’m going to snap your back next play.  In basketball, if I blow a layup, I’m going to pull down that next rebound down hard enough to shake the ground.

Pool is the opposite.  You have to maintain a calm.  If you blow a shot, no big deal.  It’s a slow-pace game where it’s easy to keep your cool.  Here is where ping-pong comes in to play..

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Susan Boyle

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Great video; it’ll bring a tear to your eye :)

Since Digg introduced their DiggBar, I wanted to have a quick bookmark to use their TinyURL service, as well as allow easy story submissions and whatnot. Here is a quick stab at that:


Rating Music

Posted on: March 3, 2009

I’m back on the rating music kick so my dynamic playlists are that much better. After spending a little chunk of the day rating, skipping, rating, skipping, I got to wondering..

Wouldn’t it be awesome if iTunes had a sort of dynamic rating system? Say, you play a song X times in 3 months, it increases in rating. Skip it X times in a month, it decreases in rating. Allowing lock-outs would be essential, allowing you exclude specific songs (,artists, or albums) from the ratings.

Just a thought.

This album randomly played while I’m in the livingroom using remote to shuffle and rate songs.. Misses it.


Dunno if it’s Chrome’s fault or Favtape’s, but man it’s a headache to see.


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